My Mentor. My Role Model. My Mom.

Representing the University of Kentucky, she won the Championship Title and became the #1 Women’s Billiards Player in the nation. The only student from UK to ever hold this title (since its 1937 beginning) and the only female to ever come out of the state, she went on to be a TOP 10 Professional Player.

Looking for her next challenge, she continued her academic pursuits. With dual Bachelors and two Masters Degrees, she obtained her Doctorate, now serving as a Associate Director at the second-largest university in the US. 

A published scholar, her research is consistently a TOP 10 download on Educational Researcher and is required reading in courses taught around the world. She is also a Recipient of the Distinguished Librarians Award for outstanding contribution to her profession. 

Peel back the accolades however, and she still signs her emails “yo momma” and was the first to proclaim “Free Weezy” after Lil Wayne’s lock-up. She loves her horses and still has plenty of hustle. She makes the best organic Thanksgiving meals set amongst a portfolio of Florida farmland. She has been instrumental in teaching me the perfect combination of street and book smarts.

I count my blessings everyday for having such an amazing role model in my life. Image,

 — with Penny Minton Beile O’Neil.

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